The Real Game Series

The Real Game is a dynamic careers and life skills programme for students. With five games tailored to different age levels, the Real Game series engages students in the big questions about their future through role-play and scenarios relevant to their age group.

The five game levels in the Real Game series are based on the The High Five Principles of Career Development.

The Real Game series shows students how their school courses, social life, work and community experience contribute to the many opportunities open to them. Students examine their own aptitudes and interests and are able to test real-world decisions in a safe environment.

The Real Game series empowers students to take their own future into their hands!

Use the links on the right-hand side to explore the five levels of the Real Game series in digital (years 7-8 only) and print format. These pages include:

  • an overview of the programme;
  • programme synopsis;
  • programme objectives;
  • other features;
  • downloadable programme brochure;
  • ordering details; and
  • piloting of the programme in Australia.

If you would like to view firsthand feedback on the Real Game Series (from students, adults, parents, teachers, counsellors, facilitators), visit the website http://www.realgamecalifornia.org/endorsements-and-testimonials.

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Australian editions have been developed for five programmes in the series:

The Play Real Game The Play Real Game (ages 8 to 10)
Information on the The Make It Real Game The Make It Real Game
(ages 10 to 12)
Information on The Real Game The Real Game (ages 12 to 14)
Information on The Be Real Game The Be Real Game (ages 14 to 16)
The Get Real GameThe Get Real Game (ages 16 to 18)