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The Switched-on Ideas series provides essential support for teachers in planning and designing innovative and informed curriculum in the middle years of schooling. The series explores a number of significant issues relevant to students' learning and development through ten key topics.

Knowing and Doing

  • Assessment
  • Inquiry learning
  • Learning communities
  • Multiple intelligences
  • Sustainability


  • Emotional intelligence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Cooperative learning
  • Resilience
  • Self- and peer assessment

The teacher resource books provide information, up-to-date resources and tips, and a number of user-friendly, easy-to-follow TLIs (teaching and learning ideas) which are presented as ready-to-go photocopiable proformas.

This website features a number of interactive TLIs which are referenced in the 'In practice' sections of the Knowing and Doing and Wellbeing teacher resource books. To find your online TLI:

  1. Select your book from the icons above
  2. Choose the TLI number.

Other resources available

The Knowing and Doing and Wellbeing teacher resource books are complemented by full-colour large-format student card sets which inspire student thinking, describe the key concepts in simple terms and provide stimulating challenges and activities for the whole class or small groups. The size and layout of the cards also makes them ideal for classroom display.

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