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Reading for Media Literacy

Navigating our world of new texts and technologies

Author: Anne Vize

Format: 72 pp book

ISBN: 9781742003054  SCIS No: 1363657

Publisher: Education Services Australia 2008

Audience: Teacher and student resource

Price: $38.95

Audience year level


Media literacy no longer refers to only traditional printed  texts such as newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, it also incorporates the access, analysis, evaluation and creation of information and messages in a variety of multimedia forms. This book gives upper primary teachers a range of practical ideas that help students develop the skills necessary for both reading and writing the language of printed and electronic communications.

While the student activities and accompanying teacher pages have been organised around a central, large project - to create a print-based or electronic class magazine or newspaper - the activities could also be used as standalone pages to supplement existing literacy programs or lessons.

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