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Moon Bear Rescue

Author: Kim Dale

Format: 35 pp hardback book

ISBN: 9780734409386  SCIS No: 1273917

Publisher: Lothian Books 2008

Audience: Student resource

Price: $28.99

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Right now, in farms across China, over 6000 Asiatic black bears lie imprisoned in tiny metal cages no bigger than their own bodies. Known as Moon Bears because of the beautiful golden crescents on their chests, these bears are 'milked' daily for their bile through rusting metal catheters inserted into their gall bladders. Haunted by these accounts, passionate animal lover and best-selling author Kim Dale decided she needed to expose the terrible plight of these animals. Moon Bear Rescue tells the incredibly moving story of Star, a bear who is snatched from his family and imprisoned. Dealing sensitively with such a difficult subject, Kim Dale's illustrations reveal the beauty of the Moon Bear.

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