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Learning for the Future

Developing Information Services in Australian schools, Second Edition

Author: Australian Library and Information Association and Australian School Library Association

Format: 88 pp book

ISBN: 9781863667104  SCIS No: 1023580

Publisher: Education Services Australia 2001

Audience: Professional reference

Price: $39.95

Audience year level


Provides strategies for effectively implementing ICT in the school's learning environment.

Discusses the increasingly significant role of ICT in the school's learning environment.

Positions the role of information service centres/libraries in the context of the school as structured around the five domains:

  • learners and learning
  • teachers and teaching
  • resourcing the curriculum
  • facilitating access to information
  • developing the physical environment

Provides a reproducible matrix of information and ICT literacy for student learning.

Documents a planning structure for ICT implementation.

Recommends an outline of staffing needs and expertise.

Records technical and practical recommendations for acquiring electronic resources.

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