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Hiragana in 48 Minutes - Student card set

Author: Hiroko Quackenbush and Mieko Ohso

Format: 46 cards

ISBN: 9781863664981  SCIS No: 977944

Publisher: Education Services Australia 1999

Audience: Student resource

Price: $21.95

Audience year level


A must for every student of Japanese, the Hiragana in 48 Minutes -Student card set has been revised to encourage students to use their imagination and to be adventurous.

The cards in this pack are practical in shape and size, and provide visual stimulus to allow students to respond positively to the Association method of language learning. This highly successful mnemonic system using picture associations enables English-speaking students to memorise the hiragana characters.

Worksheets are included to reinforce the learning and allow students to record their own cues. Katakana card sets also available.


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