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Smart Thinking

Developing skills in reflection and metacognition

Author: Jeni Wilson and Lesley Wing Jan

Format: 128 pp book

ISBN: 9781863666787  SCIS No: 1334089

Publisher: Education Services Australia 2008

Audience: Teacher resource

Price: $43.95

Audience year level


Reflection and metacognition are important aspects of the thinking and learning processes. Through the use of reflection and metacognition, learners develop an awareness of what helps and hinders their learning and thus their development as independent learners.

Smart Thinking is a practical resource that shows you how to:

  • organise the classroom environment for effective learning,
  • identify the characteristics of reflection and metacognitive thinking,
  • plan and implement teaching and learning experiences that incorporate reflection and metacogntion,
  • assess students' use of individual thinking processes,
  • introduce ideas and activities for developing the skills of reflection and metacognition.

Effective thinking involves the learner making connections between prior and new learning and thinking, questioning and self-questioning, self-assessment and goal setting.

This comprehensive resource will provide answers for developing thinking skills and strategies in everyday classrooms.

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