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Twelve Principles

Living with integrity in the twenty-first century

Author: Martin Hawes

Format: 160 pp book

ISBN: 9781876451486

Publisher: Finch Publishing 1999

Audience: Personal development/Library

Price: $26.95


In a world hungry for moral leadership, this engaging work encourages a reappraisal of our values, an awareness of a spiritual dimension to our lives, and a focus on social action. The twelve principles relate to ways of living with integrity and global awareness. The principles are complemented by profiles of people who devote themselves to issues such as sustainability, peace, social justice, spiritual awareness and environmental responsibility. By showing us what is possible, they inspire us all. Martin Hawes is a widely respected Tasmanian environmental photographer, author and wilderness consultant.

Twelve Principles includes personal accounts by twelve extraordinary people who are exploring creative ways to meet the challenges of the modern world. Their stories … remind us that we can each contribute in our own special way to ensuring the world’s future.’
From the foreword by Bob Brown, Senator, Australian Greens.

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