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Reading the Visuals in the Middle Years

Author: Rod Quin

Format: 104 pp book

ISBN: 9781863667425  SCIS No: 1208990

Publisher: Education Services Australia 2005

Audience: Teacher resource

Price: $39.95

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Reading the Visuals in the Middle Years provides teachers with strategies for developing students' understanding of viewing and visual texts. Many important viewing concepts and skills can be taught by asking students to think about the uses of visual language in the world around them and through the use of still images.

The book features five sections:

  • exploring visual language – signs and symbols, logos and comics
  • body language – facial expression, gesture and physical appearance
  • visual language, attitudes and values – fashion, customs and stereotypes
  • technical elements – framing, lighting and composition
  • visual texts – film, advertising and web pages.

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